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Classic Products Раскрасить
Hot-molded pot made of PS with the overprinting option
Hot-molded PS  pot with the overprinting option
Ploshka Раскрасить
Hot-molded PS  pot with the overprinting option
Chashka Раскрасить
Hot-molded PS  pot with the overprinting option


We`ll create some exceptional design for YOUR product or adapt your version of the “outfit”.

We may also try and offer you a logically finished decoration line for the variety of the packaging forms.

Once you approve of the general idea, it goes to the Pre-Press Department for the “Final fitting” in accordance with the technological features of production, YOUR wishes and current technical requirements.

The package is ready, decoration`s finished and YOUR product is ready to defile in any supermarket.

Dairy products prefer when the package is delivered in time

When placing an order “in one window”, you can reduce logistic costs and make deliveries of dairy packaging effortless.

We constantly check your demands and remind of reorder time.

Our factory is located in Kirov. Such emplacement helps us deliver the goods in due time all over Russia since our city is a great transport hub where a great lot of federal highways pass.

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